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– February 1st, 2019 –


February 1st, what better day to discuss one of the most debated holidays’ there is…

Women's Style

Top Trending ASOS Picks

Women’s fashion trends come and go quicker than you can snap your fingers. Today, I am here to present you with the top picks from the ASOS Women’s trending page.

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Morning Person

8 Tips to Make You a Morning Person

Do you find it yourself dreading the concept of getting up early? Or, maybe you wonder ‘how could someone could possibly find mornings enjoyable?’ Well my friend, today I am going to clearly outline for you 8 fool proof tips to make you into a morning person.

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Berlin Travel

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Berlin

Berlin, the bustling, raw capital of the gorgeous country Germany. Whether you’re hitting it up for a quick weekend away or staying a bit longer, there is plenty to see, do and eat, may I add. With history embedded into its core and a modern exterior, Berlin is the perfect destination to hit up for everyone involved.

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