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– February 8th, 2019 –

Valentine's day outfit ideas for all occasions

Valentine’s, Galentine’s or whatever else you may celebrate on the 14th of …

Hello lovely!

I’m Alyssa and if you are reading this, then good-god, welcome to an inside-look into my very ordinary life!

Sooo, let me begin with a little background of myself – again, my name is Alyssa and I am a 23-year old Canadian who has lived in 3-different countries so far. I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario all my life until I accepted a sports-scholarship at a university 13-hours south of the American boarder at the age of 17. Yes, you read that right, I moved away from everything I ever knew at 17-years old to pursue my dream of competing and studying for an American University. 

For the next 3.5 years, I found myself in a tiny town in West Virginia with a rough population of 1,500 people. And who would have known, this small town in the middle of nowhere would also be the temporary home of my now fiance, crazy I know! Fast forward to December 2016, my final semester of my undergraduate was coming to an end, and I had just hung up my football boots from the last match I’d ever play. Ever since I can remember I have dedicated my life to soccer and just like, everything I ever knew was over. With my Business Management degree under wraps and a bittersweet taste in my mouth, I decided to follow my heart, quite literally… I moved straight from university over to the UK with my boyfriend at the time to his home town of Liverpool.

After two years of living in the UK and now engaged (yay!!), I am still struggling to find my place in this big, wide, world. So here we are, I have finally decided that I am looking to create my own happiness in this blog and I’d love for you to come along this [predictably] bumpy ride with me!

Chat soon, 

Alyssa xx

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