Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for All Occasions

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Valentine’s, Galentine’s or whatever else you may celebrate on the 14th of February, we all want to be looking our best for our partner’s, our friends and more importantly, ourselves. That is exactly why I have complied a total of 8 different outfits for several, very different occasions. I absolutely love the style associated around this time of year. It’s all about strong, beautiful women being feminine and sexy. Not to mention the adorable tones of white, pink and red. I mean, come on! 

If you keep reading, below you will find outfit inspiration for the traditional date night, the less formal dinner & drinks, the casual day date and of course [my favourite], the lounging around watching films occasion.

You will also be provided with links & prices of each item. [BTW: None of these links are affiliates or paid partnerships.]

valentine's day gift idea

'The Date Night' Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Red can be quite an intimidating and overpowering colour to wear for many people. The easiest way to incorporate a colour, style or print that you are not particularly used to is to start off by implementing into your accessories. For example, in outfit #1 we went for a simple white dress with puffed sleeves and dressed it up with a lovely red clutch and matching red, block heeled, closed toed, pumps.

If you like to stir clear of all things red, the second outfit is for you. Staying within the ‘Valentine’s Day’ colour scheme, we went for a dusty rose midi-dress with a plunging neck line. This colour will look flattering on so many different skin tones and the wrap affect on the dress will be suitable for many body types. For the heels we kept it pretty minimal and went for a clear perspex styled heel. These are so popular at the moment and make quite the unexpected statement. 

valentine's day date
valentine's day 2019

Outfit #1 Links & Prices

Dress link – click here! (Price – £35.00)
Heels link – click here! (Price – £28.00)
Clutch link – click here! (Price – £12.00)

Total Outfit Price – £75.00

Outfit #2 Links & Prices

Dress link – click here! (Price – £25.00)
Heels link – click here! (Price – £28.00)
Clutch link – click here! (Price – £22.00)

Total Outfit Price – £75.00

'The Dinner & Drinks' Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Dinner & drinks with your partner, friend(s), first-time date or whom ever, is a lot less formal and relaxed. Therefore, your whole vibe can be a bit more laid-back and casual whilst still being cute and sexy. For outfit #1, we went with a gorgeous oversized red jumper dress keeping the top portion cosy & cute. This has been paired with a heeled, knee-high boot to give this casual jumper dress and sexy vibe. We have finished it off with a black croc detailed cross-body bag from River Island to hold all your essentials. 

For a different take on dinner & drinks, in outfit #2 we have picked out a pair of faux leather matte leggings and paired this with a lovely, feminine v-neck crop top with a flared arm detail. This has been paired with a pair of croc detailed, block heeled booties and again, the cross body bag from River Island. 

valentine's day 2019
valentine's day celebration

Outfit #1 Links & Prices

Jumper Dress link – click here! (Price – £30.00)
Knee-high Boots link – click here! (Price – £40.00)
Cross-body Bag link – click here! (Price – £25.00)

Total Outfit Price – £95.00

Outfit #2 Links & Prices

Crop Blouse link – click here! (Price – £18.00)
Leather Leggings link – click here! (Price – £15.00)
Heeled Booties link – click here! (Price – £40.00)
Cross-body Bag link – click here! (Price – £25.00)

Total Outfit Price – £98.00

'The Day Date' Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

The day date … a casual yet, fun way of spending the day with a loved one or your pals. Whether you’re hitting up the movies, mini-golf or going for a coffee, these two looks are super cute and comfortable. Outfit #1 is probably my favourite out of the 8! I absolutely adore this ankle length, snake print, rose coloured dress. It can be so casual or you can dress it up for a night out but, for today I have pair it with a simple pair of white, flatformed trainers and a chic white croc detailed cross-body bag. 

For outfit #2, we went with the ever so popular ‘ripped mom jeans’. Which again, depending on how you’re feeling, can be dress up or dressed down. Today, we’ve met in the middle by pairing them with this very feminine, lace detailed cami bodysuit, a white ‘boyfriend’ blazer and again, the white croc detailed cross-body bag from outfit #1.

valentine's day wishes
valentine's day event

Outfit #1 Links & Prices

Dress link – click here! (Price – £35.00)
Trainers link – click here! (Price – £20.00)
Cross-body Bag link – click here! (Price – £18.00)

Total Outfit Price – £73.00

Outfit #2 Links & Prices

Mom Jeans link – click here! (Price – £28.00)
Laced Cami link – click here! (Price – £18.00)
Boyfriend Blazer link – click here! (Price – £22.00)
Cross-body Bag link – click here! (Price – £18.00)

Total Outfit Price – £86.00

'The Lounging Around' Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

These last two options are for my girls who love the comfort of their own home, love spending time on the couch with their loved one or friend(s), and spend their time relaxing, watching films and eating yummy snacks. I think I may have just described myself! For the first lounge wear outfit, we went for a super cute, oversized pyjama, sweater dress. Detailed with x’s, o’s and little hearts on the sleeves, this is the perfect outfit to start your Valentine’s Day whilst accompanied by a homemade, scrumptious breakfast in bed. How glam!

Finally, outfit #2 is this adorable baby pink, ribbed, lounge wear set. Whether you’re staying indoors all day or popping out to the store to replenish the snacks, this is the perfect little set to keep you comfy & cosy all day long!

valentine's day 2018
valentine's day images

Outfit #1 Links & Prices

Sweater Dress link – click here! (Price – £22.00)
Fluffy Socks link – click here! (Price – £6.00)

Total Outfit Price – £28.00

Outfit #2 Links & Prices

Lounge Set link – click here! (Price – £25.00)

Total Outfit Price – £25.00

valentine's day gift idea

Closing Thoughts

With social media playing such a heavy influence on our lives these days, it is extremely easy for us to get sucked into the trap of feeling like someone else is living a ‘better life’, having a ‘better day’ or even getting ‘bigger & better gifts’ then you. But, we have to remember what people choose to put on social media is merely the highlight real for their life and that things may be very different behind closed doors. So, don’t fall into the trap of comparison and just love your life the way that it is! Valentine’s Day, alike many other holidays, is the perfect time for us to feel pretty & empowered as the women we are. Fill your day with people and things that make you happy. Dress the way that you feel comfortable and makes you feel pretty. Celebrate holiday’s the way you want & don’t go breaking the bank to impress somebody. At the end of the day, all that matters is your happiness and the happiness of those you love in your life!

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