Ten Romantic Destinations in Europe for Valentine’s Day

– FEBRUARY 1ST, 2019 –

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February 1st, what better day to discuss one of the most debated holidays’ there is, Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air people!!! ♡ Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I think it’s the perfect time of year to show the people in your life that you love and care for, exactly how you feel. This can be a girlfriend, boyfriend, mates, siblings, parents, your children; just taking that time out of our busy schedules to pause for a second and show some love to those around you.

Now, if you are one of those people who loves celebrating Valentine’s day then, this is perfect for you. What better way to show someone in your life you love them, then surprising them with a trip away to one of the most romantic cities in Europe?

Today, I am going to list and talk about TEN of the most romantic cities across Europe that you should visit with your special someone on Valentine’s Day [or anytime of the year, really]. What better way to begin this list than going back to the exact place where Valentine’s Day begun? Here we go …


Photo by Willian West on Unsplash

It is believed in history that Saint Valentine was a priest from Rome in late 300 AD to early 400 AD. The Roman Emperor at the time banned marriage as he believed married men made bad soldiers. Saint Valentine thought this was unfair and began to marry couples in secret. Eventually, the Emperor found out, threw Saint Valentine in jail and sentenced him to his death on the 14th of February. Whilst he was in jail, Saint Valentine ended up falling in love with the jailer’s daughter and just before he was about to be executed, he sent this lady a letter and signed it, “from your Valentine”. The first Valentine’s Day dates back to 496 AD and was used as a Roman festival as well as, a celebration to remember Saint Valentine.

So, how could I not include Rome as one of the most romantic cities in Europe? Rome is perfect for any couple. With cobble stone roads, stunning backdrops, delicious delicacies and lovely mild weather most year-round, it’s the perfect place to escape with your loved one to spend precious time together over the loving holiday.


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

A classic choice for many that rarely disappoints. Paris is well-known as a city of love. Take a stroll along the bridge-laced Seine, visit the Eiffel Tower, indulge in French candle lit dinners or just simply bask in all the lovey-dovey scenery. Paris is sure to get the sparks flying in your relationship!


Photo by Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

Undoubtably one of the most romantic cities in the world, let alone in Europe; Florence is notorious for igniting to light with many couples over the years. Whether you have been married for 30 years or are just starting out, the garden in Florence’s Belmond Villa St. Michele is called ‘The Lover’s Corner’ for a reason. Couples all over the world travel here for their wedding proposals.

If you’re not at that stage in your relationship yet, fear not, Florence does not have to be that serious to be romantic for you. You can enjoy cosy dinner’s street side with your loved one, stroll through the many gardens of Florence or dabble into one of the magnificent art galleries that they have to offer.


Photo by Héctor J. Rivas on Unsplash

Porto, for many reasons, is considered quite the romantic hot spot but, mainly for the rest and relaxation factor. There is no better way to spark the romance in a relationship than to take time for some self-pampering and to recharge the batteries with your partner. Wine, spa treatments and your loved one; things don’t really get better than that!

Not only are the spa’s known to be exceptional but, the old town of Porto is also known to carry a lot of love through it’s cobble stone streets. Stroll the streets, enjoy a lovely meal and watch the sparks fly!


Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

Commonly known as the ‘Venice of the North’, Bruges is not only beautiful during the holiday season, which is taken over by their famous Christmas Markets, but also year round. Bruges, Belgium gains the title, ‘Venice of the North’ from its many picturesque canals. Unlike many other European hot spots, Bruges is not a city to drain your bank account. With an abundance of beer, food, architecture and markets, Bruges is the perfect location for a laid-back city break with a loved one.


Photo by Keszthelyi Timi on Unsplash

If you are looking a less touristy, less cliché trip with your lover, Budapest is for you. Budapest is the largest city in Hungary and because of this you will not be left scratching your head trying to figure out what to do. If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic picnic, try heading to Margaret Island. Situated on the Danube river, you will not be left un-wowed. After your lovely picnic, walk off your meal by have a nice stroll along the Danube river. Indulge in Hungarian specialties and wander around the castle hill. There’s no better way to make your partner feel like a royal than to stroll around a castle!


Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Although the 1st of May in the Czech Republic is officially known as their ‘Day of Love’ or Svátek Zamilovaných, Prague is a year-round romance destination. In the Czech Republic, it is a tradition for young couples to seal their fate by kissing under a blossoming cherry tree to ensure their love blooms for years to come.

Otherwise, enjoy romantic walks in the many gardens, a kiss in front of the Karel Hynek Mácha statue, explore the Prague Castle and even kick back your shoes in a ‘beer-spa’. Yes, that’s right, a beer spa. I’m sure the fella’s in the back will enjoy this one!


valentine's day getaway near me
Photo by Jace & Afsoon on Unsplash

Much like Venice and Bruges, Amsterdam too has its fair share of lovely canals. Many even argue that Amsterdam beats Venice on the romance scale but, I’ll leave that with you to judge. You can hope on a canal cruise, stroll along the water by foot or even hire a bike to get you around this beautiful city. Amsterdam is full of green space, fairy-lit bridges, cute, cosy cafés and magnificent dinning. It’s the perfect, simple weekend away for you and your lover.


Photo by Diego Muñoz Suárez on Unsplash

Gorgeous parks, delicious dinning, cosy cafés and stunning sunsets makes this Spanish capital a perfect romance get away. Madrid is the perfect city to stroll hand in hand with your lover taking in all the beautiful monuments and streets as you go along. Not to mention, a city that emphasizes wine as much as Madrid, can never be passed up for a romantic weekend away.


Did you actually think I was going to forget to mention Venice? Come on! With turquois canals, incredible Palazzo’s and unpassable wines, Venice is the city of romance. Although Venice can be crowded with tourist, is very easy to turn off the main streets, stroll down an alley way and there you have it, a new change of scene just like that. Cappuccinos, gondola rides down the canal and intimate dining experiences, you will not leave Venice unromanced!


And there you have it… Ten European destinations that are screaming with romance. Whether you’re travelling with your lover or travelling solo in hopes for love, these ten cities across Europe will not disappoint. 

Just remember, Valentine’s day is not always about having a partner or a lover. It’s about taking time to appreciate each individual around you that you love! Xx

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