Herbal Teas for Healthy Skin

– JANUARY 25TH, 2019 –

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Chamomile Tea

Taste: Herbal and sweet with subtle floral notes.

For many, many years Chamomile has been known as a natural remedy for reducing inflammation, inducing healthy sleep and reducing symptoms of anxiety due to its calming properties. Since sleep is essential for keeping haggard skin at bay, it only makes sense that regular consumption of this tea, particularly at night time, will assist with more supple, radiant looking skin in the morning. Not only is this tea excellent for sleeping, it can also be used make homemade eye masks to help relieve puffiness in the morning.

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Photo by Ioana Cristiana on Unsplash

Here’s how to make easy, homemade chamomile tea eye masks:

Step 1 – Simply make your chamomile tea as normal by boiling hot water and steeping your tea for about 5 minutes. Keep in mind that you’re going to want tea bags, opposed to loose leaf tea for this eye mask.

Step 2 – Rather than throwing the tea bag in the bin after you are done, run the tea bags under cold water until they are cool to the touch.

Step 3 – Pop the tea bags into the freezer until frozen.

Step 4 – Place one tea bag on each eye, sit back, relax and unwind for about 20 minutes.

Rooibos Tea

Taste: Smooth and naturally sweet with a slightly nutty taste.

Discovered by South Africans, Rooibos can easily be mistaken in the wilderness for a weed when in fact, it is an herb with many positive benefits. With its mild to sweet taste, this herb reaps many benefits for both your skin and hair health. Rooibos is enriched with antioxidants that is excellent for reducing wrinkles by stimulating cell growth and has been known the prevent early onset aging. With the high levels of zinc and vitamin D rooibos tea contains, it has been proven to promote healthy skin from the inside out by removing dead skin cells from our body and stimulating the growth of new skin cells. As well as, promotes healthy, natural hair growth while preventing the growth of premature grey hair.

Win, win!

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Photo by Clem Around The Corner on Unsplash

Green Tea

Taste: Vegetal with a bittersweet after taste

The highly popular tea from Asia, is considered one of the healthiest teas currently available. Filled with antioxidants and nutrients, this tea is not only amazing for our insides but, also for your outsides, skin specifically. If you suffer from dry, flaky skin, this tea is perfect for you! With regular consumption, green tea has been known to treat Psoriasis and dandruff, which many of us suffer with in the winter months. In conjunction with other topical treatments, detailed in this post here , your skin will be back to normal in no time! Not only is Green tea beneficial through oral consumption, but dried green tea leaves can be used as a stellar exfoliant that helps combat oil skin, acne, blackheads and breakouts in general.

Herbal Tea UK
Photo by Ieva Vizule on Unsplash

Here’s how to make a super easy and effective green tea leaf exfoliator:

All you will need is dried green tea leaves and all-natural coconut oil, both which can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Step 1 – Crumble up your dried green tea leaves so that they are not too large.

Step 2 – Melt your coconut oil. You want enough to cover the leaves but, not too much that is takes away from the exfoliating aspect of the leaves.

Step 3 – Add leaves and coconut oil together and voila!

Note: The coconut oil may set between uses if you are making a bulk batch. All you will have to do is warm the mixture up in your hands before using it. Remember to wash/exfoliate you face with clean hands!

Peppermint/Spearmint Tea

Taste: Straight up mint!

This one is my personal favourite for many reasons!

Peppermint, in general, is known for many benefits from combating unruly breath, to settling your stomach after a heavy meal. This herb can be found all over the world and comes in many forms which makes is very easy to find locally. This dark green plant commonly holds more than 40 chemical compounds that have been known to help our bodies lose weight, reduce bloating, treat nausea, calm anxious behaviour and much more. In relations to your skin, drinking peppermint tea has been known to help reduce acne, soothe minor skin irritations and rejuvenates dull or oily skin. It is also known to help stimulate hair growth.

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Photo by Shangyou Shi on Unsplash

Hibiscus Tea

Taste: Tarte with a Cranberry-like taste

Highly enriched with vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants, Hibiscus tea comes from the flower specially known as, Hibiscus sabdariffa. With its unique rich, ruby read colouring and sour taste, Hibiscus tea is known for many health benefits from reducing high blood pressure to why you’re reading this article today. Commonly known as the ‘Botox’ plant, this tea is one of the strongest for anti-aging compounds. Regularly drinking hibiscus tea can increase skin elasticity which, will give you the natural youthful skin you’re looking for.

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Photo by Nguyen Ngan on Unsplash

Calendula Tea

Taste: Tangy and sweet with citrus and floral undernotes.

Native to the Mediterranean, Calendula [or pot-marigold] is a stunning flower which is most commonly found in medicine that can be found in your local chemist. The Calendula plant is most known to heal minor wounds, acne, rashes or inflammatory skin conditions (more information here). Not only is this plant beneficial for regeneration of the skin purposes but, it is also used to prevent premature aging, heal dry skin, reduce acne, helps stimulate hair growth and prevents dandruff. For those of you with acne-prone skin, Calendula is known to sooth breakouts and prevents new ones from occurring.

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Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

Here’s how to make a home-made calendula oil face wash

Step 1 – Steep a pot of your Calendula tea.

Step 2 – Add in to coconut oil

Step 3 – Mix and use.

It’s as simple as that! But, again just note that the coconut oil may set between uses if you are making a bulk batch. All you will have to do is warm the mixture up in your hands before using it. Remember to wash/exfoliate you face with clean hands!

Black Tea

Taste: Bold and malty

One of the most commonly consumed teas across the world. Much like Rooibos tea, Black tea contains tannins within the tea that help to tone the skin by accelerating skin cell regeneration and, protect your skin from premature aging. To reap the benefits of black tea, consumption is of course yummy but, if you’re looking to unwind a little bit after a long, hard week at work.  Steep your pot of black tea and pour the content directly into your bath for a rejuvenating experience.

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