8 Tips to Make You a Morning Person

– JANUARY 21ST, 2019 –

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Do you find yourself dreading the concept of getting up early? Or, maybe you wonder ‘how could someone could possibly find mornings enjoyable?’ Well my friend, today I am going to clearly outline for you 8 fool-proof tips to make you into a morning person.


Since I know a few of you are probably doubtful at this stage, I just want to take a second to present you with a simple analogy that will hopefully open your mind to this foreign concept of becoming a ‘morning person’.

Think of your body as a cell phone and think of sleep as the charger. The second your phone comes off the charger, it holds the most energy to preform on, at that time. Throughout the day, you use your phone and the battery slowly decreases. By the end of the day, your battery is at its lowest and is ready to be recharged again. Similarly, our bodies are the same. After a night of sleep, your body and mind are on full charge ready to take on the day. As the day goes by, you will have less and less energy until night-time approaches and you are ready for bed again.

With that being said, lets jump right into the 8-tips to kick start your days correctly and make mornings more enjoyable for you.

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

TIP #1

Go up to bed earlier

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean physically going to sleep earlier, it just means taking the time to lay down, relax, read a book, watch a t.v. show or do anything you enjoy about an hour or so before bed to unwind, relax your mind & prepare you for a good night’s rest.

This will also prevent you from sitting on the couch for hours on end watching repeats of shows you’ve probably already seen.

TIP #2

Go to bed with a plan

Following on from tip #1, in order to have a pleasant, stress-free morning you should take 10-15 minutes just before you get into bed to plan your follow day. Some good routines to practice could be, time blocking , picking out the outfit you’re going to wear the next day, preparing your lunch and any little tasks that may help you from freaking out on lost time in the mornings.

TIP #3

Perfecting your sleep

Sleep is a tricky subject because many people will admit to struggling when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. But, with trial & error as well as, paying close attention to what makes you sleep well and what makes your night restless, you can find a good routine that will help you fully recharge your battery.

A few notes from the night time routine that best works for me include:

  • Shutting down my laptop or computer at about 7 PM to start relaxing my mind (unless needed)
  • Taking off my makeup, washing my face & unwinding with a nice bath accompanied with my iPad and either a show I’m watching at the time or catching up on YouTube videos.
  • After my bath, I usually watch a couple episodes of a show on Netflix all snuggled up with a hot drink, either hot chocolate, mint tea or a classic tea.
  • When I start to get tired usually about 10 PM, I head up stairs to my bed with my iPad, plan the following day & then doze off.
  • Also, blackout curtains are a must.
  • Having roughly the same bed time is also key to waking up with ease.

TIP #4

Move your alarm clock

Just before you go to bed, set your alarm and place your alarm clock (or phone) away from where you normally get up. Putting your alarm clock away from where you wake up in the morning will force you to get out of bed to turn it off.

By moving your phone away from your bedside table, it also prevents any notifications throughout the night from disturbing you whilst you sleep.

Side note: When choosing the alarm sound to wake up to, I would suggest setting it to something soft and peaceful oppose to something harsh. This just eases the mind rather than startling you awake.

TIP #5

Choose your fuel

Whether this be coffee, tea, a big glass of water/juice or a nutrient packed breakfast, having something to stimulate your mind & body in a positive way will help you wake up & start the day on the right foot.

I typically stick with my trusty friend, coffee but, on days I need a little extra boost I love adding a smoothie to my morning routine.

My Go-To Smoothie Recipe

1.5 cups spinach
1 cup coconut milk
½ banana
Big Spoon of flaxseed
Big Spoon of plain, rolled oats
Big Spoon of honey

(Serves 1) 

TIP #6

Get some fresh air

If the weather is permitting, having your morning cuppa or breakfast outside is such a peaceful way to start the day not to mention, the fresh air will kick start your lungs in the most positive way. Another option would be to have a quick walk around the block either by yourself, with your kids or even your furry friend.

TIP #7

Get Moving

If the above doesn’t take your fancy, take 15-20 minutes out of your morning to stretch, do some yoga or a quick at-home work out. Nothing hard or overly strenuous but, just enough to get your muscles moving, your heart pumping and your mind awake.

“Know this … 

You can start over, each morning.”

TIP #8

Get yourself ready for the day

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in all day, heading off to work or having a lazy Sunday, nobody like to feel groggy all day long. To fix the morning grogginess, hop in the shower, wash your face, put a face of makeup on [if you wear makeup, of course], do your hair, get dresses & this should kick start your mind into feeling awake.


Whilst embracing these new routines into your life, it is important to remember to take each day as it comes and not worry or stress too much, especially in the morning. The mindset you have when you wake up each morning, sets you up for the day ahead. If you have a negative start to the day, it is most likely true that you will be wishing the day was over; and vice versa. 

I used to be one of the grumpiest people you’d know in the morning. I hated everything about it. But, I can honestly say I have grown to love the morning and find my self being more productive throughout the day when I wake up early oppose to days when I lie in.

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