Twenty-Nineteen Goal Setting

- DECEMBER 18TH, 2019 -

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First of all, 2019… what is going on? Each year feels like it’s getting shorter and shorter and I’m just getting older and older LOL. Please slow down!!

We all know the cliché of ‘New Year, New Me’, now I’m not sold on the whole ‘new me’ bit of the saying but, the turn of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on your past year. In order to grow, you need to be able to congratulate your accomplishments and analyse your ‘flaws’ shall we call them. It’s important to remember, we will never be perfect but, as long as we keep moving forward in our lives and keep improving on ourselves there’s nothing we need to stress about. 

Self-talk Time

I’ve always been the type of person to keep my new year goals to myself and just work away at them silently. I always thought if I put them out in the world for others to see it just opens you up to judgement if you don’t live up to them. It’s really sad, I know! But, something has just clicked in my mind the last couple months and that’s – Who. really. cares? Do you and don’t worry about what others think! I’m not sure if it’s me getting older or what but, I’m absolutely ready to go into 2019 roaring!!

Twenty-eighteen taught me a lot about myself, my passions and my relationships around me. This past year I was able to travel to six new cities spread across 4 different countries. For someone who didn’t start 2018 with an end goal of travelling and exploring I was very pleased looking back. This year was also the best and worst year for the different relationships in my lives. I got engaged to my best friend & love of my life, I made new friends and got closer than ever with my soon-to-be new family. But, I also endured the biggest loss of my adult life which really put things into perspective for me. Life is far too short to worry – and ya, I know, another cliché saying Alyssa. But, really when you watch someone you love pass away at a young age you realise the small things we worry about daily don’t actually matter.

On another note, towards the end of this past year, I grew the ‘lady’ balls to take my life into my own hands by leaving a job that didn’t excite me and I decided to stop waiting for something magnificent to fall into my lap and try to make it for myself. So here we go!! 

Now that I’m done with my little self-pep talk, lets get down to the nitty gritty. In twenty-nineteen, I have so many life milestones I am ready to check off my list, both individually and with my partner so, I’ve decided that I’m going to put my goals for 2019 out in the world and let the law of attraction do it’s thing xx

Goal Number One

Stability – this is a biggie for both my partner & I, we both want to start our new lives together but, with my visa still in the whim (long story), living at his parents house (which we will be eternally grateful for btw, thank you Fran & Si in the back!!) & not having the means to purchase our own house just yet, it will be such an accomplishment for us when we do check off all these milestones. This year, we are both 110% focused on making as much as this happen as possible. Few things on the list, (1) finalising my visa, (2) buying a house, (3) buying/financing a car – this will be bonus points for us and (4) finding stability within each other whilst all this madness goes on! 

New Years Relationship Goals

Goal Number Two

Become the healthiest version of myself – I have always been an active person ever since I can remember but, it’s always been for competitive reasons. Since my football career has come to an end, I have struggled to find the right balance of eating healthy, indulging at times & working out to benefit my overall health. This year, I would like to focus on finding the right balance in my life so, that I can enjoy all the foods I love whilst focusing on fuelling my body to stay energised, healthy & fit.

I follow Taylor Chamberlain (or Dilk now) on Instagram, she is a ‘health & fitness’ influencer from America and she is just beautiful inside and out. She has an EMOM’s program which is an 8-week course focusing on getting your heart rate up and keeping it up whilst you’re working out. I really think I will enjoy work outs like this & plus, it’s an at home regime so, you can’t really complain! 

Let me know below if you’d like to know my thoughts & progress at the end of the 8-weeks xx

Goal Number Three

More Travelling – Twenty-eighteen really ignited my inner travel bug. I just love seeing, experiencing & tasting different cultures. I would love to explore more European countries like Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary or even head northern towards to Scandinavian countries. 

There is no better way of expanding your horizons than to just get out there and travel!



Goal Setting Growth Mind

What are your goals for 2019? Remember they don’t have to be extravagant, you want to be able to achieve them and then keep working on them in the years to come. We are never a finished product, we are always working to better ourselves.


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